Sunday, July 28, 2013

United we stand, Divided we do exactly as we're told like good little peasants.

An alternate title to this post could be, "Let's have fun and hate each other!"

I don't claim to have all the answers, nor do I even claim to have the right questions. I can only observe and try to quantify the world around me with my admittedly limited intellect. I feel there's a few things readily apparent if you choose to analyze our current media and political systems.

They want us divided. They don't want us united, on any front.

By "they" I mean the media and the government. If you want to be more conspiratorial then we can say "they" represents the shadow government, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Bilderberg group, the reptilian hominids living in hollow earth. It doesn't matter, just know when I say "they", I mean those people in charge and/or disseminating information to us.

By "us" I mean the people, the regular people, average human beings, not just of America but of the world. I was born and have always lived here in America, so of course my perspective will reflect that but I'm sure the same things can be said around the world.

Discussions with friends about the death of Trayvon Martin and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman, have really sharpened my opinion of "They want us divided." It seems clear to me that the media has presented this case in such a way to strengthen the racial divide in America. No other time have I seen them show us a picture of a clearly Latino male and call him a white man. His mother is Peruvian and he clearly has inherited her racial looks.

Now, I don't care if the guy is blue, it doesn't matter to me. But, they want it to matter and it has. Many whites have rallied around Zimmerman, claiming he was being a good citizen, protecting his neighborhood. Many blacks have rallied around Martin, feeling he was unjustly murdered by the overzealous "white" man. It seems as though a lot of racial tension was easing in this country until this case.

Maybe if we could get past white and black problems and really see each other as equal human beings, we could take a good hard look at our government and laws and maybe, just maybe, we could fix things. Stop making laws that cost the people freedom, stop wasting taxpayer money to make corporations richer, stop hidden agendas, start putting people first, and start rebuilding the world into the peaceful place it could be.

I hate to have that "us vs. them" mentality, but it's all I've been taught. At least my "us" is all of us, and my "them" is anyone who puts monetary gain above the people as a whole. I think I've lost the whole point of this article, but it doesn't really matter.

Let's just stop hating each other over arbitrary bullshit like skin color, religion, liberal/conservative, dem/repub, psx/xbox, coke/pepsi, rich/poor, gay/straight, missionary/doggy.

Let's start giving each other hugs and telling each other that we're "Totes adorbs", you know, after we have a big argument about how skinny to make our skinny jeans, meanwhile totally ignoring the fact that it's now US law that we can't sue drug companies if their medicine has horrific side effects that weren't disclosed.