Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dreams (Short Fiction)

I've never been one to recall dreams. Yet, last night's was so vivid and abstract that I can't shake the images from my mind.

I was trapped in a dark space. The feeling was as if it was an earthen grave but I had no visual stimuli to confirm this; just blackness. Slimy creatures crawled over and under my whole body, sending shivers up my spine. I began forcing my hands up into the dirt above me, reaching for something, anything to grasp. I felt insects crawling into my ears and heard them whispering unintelligibly. My hands found a large metal object just as the pressure on my chest grew immense. I grasped it as tightly as I could manage and it rocketed me out of the ground and into this blazing white light.

I woke, drenched in sweat, sitting upright in my bed, with my hands reaching towards the ceiling.

[I wrote this a while ago. It was meant to begin some sort of short story (a very short story). I can't remember at all where I wanted to go with it so I'm posting this draft because why not?]